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Storage Tips

  1. Inventory what you will be storing so you know exactly what or how much you plan to store, thereby assisting you in choosing a unit size most appropriate to your needs.
  2. Use drawers and shelf space for storage. Storing linens or light items in drawers, on shelves of bookcases, entertainment centers, refrigerators and freezers and using the drums of washers and dryers allows you to store more for less.
  3. Freezers and refrigerators should be defrosted at least 24 hours before storing. Check all ice trays, drip trays, etc. before storing to be sure they are not full of water.
  4. Check washing machines and dishwashers to make sure no water is in the drip tray. Tilt them a little on all four sides so any water left inside can run out.
  5. Stack your dryer on top of your washer with a heavy quilt or blanket between to prevent surface scratches and conserve space.
  6. Store only clean items to prevent attracting bugs or rodents.
  7. Pack all boxes full and snug, using filler materials if necessary.
  8. Fine china, stoneware or any breakable items are nicely protected if first wrapped in towels, linens or bubble plastic to prevent chipping or breaking. Be sure and label these boxes as “FRAGILE” or “BREAKABLE” and stack them where they cannot be crushed by heavier items.
  9. Disassemble all items of furniture that can be disassembled, such as beds and tables. If the legs come off your dining room table, remove them, wrap them in paper, put screws, nuts and bolts in small plastic or paper bags and tape both to the bottom of the table top.
  10. Boxes are better for storage than plastic bags, however, plastic bags make terrific liners for your boxes. Use trash bags to line your boxes before packing them, helping to protect the contents from dust and moisture. If what you are packing is a fabric of some kind, a few mothballs in the bags will also help protect the fabric.
  11. When packing your boxes in your storage unit, stack the larger, heavier ones on the floor with the lighter, fragile ones on top. Put small or odd-shaped boxes in and around larger objects such as furniture and appliances.
  12. Use all available space, not just floor space. Stand sofas, love seats, mattresses, head boards, long dressers, etc. on end.
  13. Store mirrors or glass table tops on end, securely wrapped and in between mattresses or mattress and box springs.
  14. Prior to storing, inspect for rodent nests in such things as couch or chair cushions, springs and bedding. We recommend you put D-CON bait traps in inaccessible areas of your unit, out of the reach of children or pets, for added protection.
  15. Cover the cement floor of your storage unit with pallets to prevent moisture seeping into furniture or through the bottom of cardboard boxes. NEVER store upholstered items where there is direct contact with the cement floors. A few 2" x 4" boards laid on the floor will work well as pallets.
  16. Use dust covers wherever possible to protect your stored items.
  17. To retard rust on metal items such as bicycles, wipe all surfaces with a soft cloth containing a few drops of machine oil.
  18. Pack books and documents flat and in smaller boxes if possible so they’ll be easy to lift and move around. Books can also be stored on bookshelves protected by dust covers.
  19. Save the cartons your holiday decorations came in or purchase one of the inexpensive holiday storage boxes to store all your decorations. Label them clearly and place them in an easily accessible area of your storage space.
  20. Wrap lamp bases in protective padding and pack the smaller ones in boxes. Pack lamp shades separately and NEVER wrap them in newsprint because it will stain them. Be sure to store your lamp shades with your other fragile items.
  21. Store records, tapes, videos, etc. on edge to prevent warping or other damage. Tape the tone arm and turntable of your phonograph to prevent damage while moving.
  22. Small items such as electric can openers, toasters, toaster ovens and even small microwaves should be sealed in plastic trash bags before storing to protect them from dust and moisture. Spray the inside of the bag with Raid, Black Flag or some other bug spray to discourage bugs.
  23. Tie long handled tools, such as shovels, rakes and hoes into bundles after you’ve thoroughly cleaned and light¬ly oiled them with machine oil. All metal tools and equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and lightly oiled with machine oil before storing.
  24. An open bag or two of plain charcoal placed in the corners of your storage space will help absorb odors and moisture so your furniture and other items don’t get that stale, musty odor stored items sometimes get.
  25. After storing your items and again just before removing them from storage, set off a “bug bomb” inside your unit for a little added insurance.

The outside premises of The American Eagle Self Storage are sprayed for bugs on a monthly basis. We cannot, however, control what another tenant may bring in with their storage items. We therefore encourage each of you to protect your stored items in any reasonable manner you feel necessary for added insurance against bug or rodent damage.