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Easy Access
All storage units are ground level with easy drive-up access. There are no stairs, elevators or dark corridors to navigate. The aisles are wide and maneuverable with clear visibility. A team member is always in the office during business hours. Security camera located throughout the property to monitor activity 24/7.
All units have individual computerized door alarms and are accessed with your personally chosen security code. Only you have the code so only you can disarm your door. The keypad access is located in the reception area of the business office.
OnSite Managers
Our friendly on-site resident managers are storage professionals with over 35 years of experience. They are happy to help you find the best solution for your storage needs and take pride in a clean, well-maintained facility.
In the Heart
We are located in the heart of Santee, CA. Send us an email or stop by to check our units out. We look forward to seeing you.

Storage SizesStorage Sizes
5'x5'(25 sq. ft.)$95/mo.10'x15'(150 sq. ft.)$200/mo.
Misc. boxes, small furniture, personal items, holiday decorations, children's toys, etc. Will hold contents of a 4'x8' trailer.3+ Bedroom house or apartment with appliances, boxes, misc. items, commercial/construction items. Will hold contents of a 20ft. moving van.
5'x10'(50 sq. ft.)$115/mo.10'x20'(200 sq. ft.)$230/mo.
1 Bedroom apartment, some appliances, seasonal clothing, business records, holiday decorations, misc. boxes. Will hold contents pf a pick-up truck or cargo van.3-4 bedroom house with appliances, lots of boxes and extras, business records, files and inventory. Will hold contents of a 24ft moving van.
5'x15'(75 sq. ft.)$130/mo.15'x15'(225 sq. ft.)$240/mo.
1-2 bedroom apartment with some appliances, sports equipment, boxes, business records and supplies.2 door unit for 4+ bedroom homes, garage items, major appliances, boxes and extras, business files, commercial inventory.
8'x10'(80 sq. ft.)$140/mo.10'x25'(250 sq. ft.)$250/mo.
1-2 bedroom apartment with some appliances, sports equipment, boxes, business records and supplies. Will hold contents of a 10ft moving van.2 door unit for 4+ bedroom homes, garage items, major appliances, boxes and extras, construction or commercial items and records. Will hold contents of a 26ft moving van.
10'x10'(100 sq. ft.)$150/mo.15'x20'(300 sq. ft.)$265/mo.
2 bedroom apartment/small house with some appliances, sports equipment, business and personal records, holiday decorations, boxes, gardening equipment. Will hold contents of a 15ft moving van.2 door unit, combine personal and commercial items, 4-5 bedroom house with garage items, boxes and extras.
10'x12'(120 sq. ft.)$165/mo.15'x30'(450 sq. ft.)$280/mo.
2-3 bedroom house/apartment with some appliances, commercial/construction items, boxes, gardening equipment. Commercial storage, business records and inventory, long term, 5+ bedroom with garage items, major appliances. Will hold the contents of a 40ft moving van.
Stated unit sizes are approximations and for comparison purpose only. They are only intended to provide customers with a general reference point in order to compare different types of units. Units may be materially smaller or larger than the approximations provided herein or in any related advertising or other documents. The stated square footage size approximations are quoted as nominal conventions, not actual dimensions, and should be used for illustration and comparison purposes only. The unit may be uniquely or irregularly configured and may contain unique or irregular features, including without limitation, poles, bulkheads, columns, or curbs. Inspections of show units are provided for general comparison purposes only and shall not constitute a warranty of unit size or layout. Customers should not rely on the inspection of the show unit or the advertised size of the unit to determine whether to rent a particular unit.